Mt. Gilead Seventh Day Adventist Church

Expanding the kingdom of God, one relationship at a time



  • Women's Ministry - Women's Ministry provides the opportunity for woman to grow spiritually and socially through a network of support groups active in our church. 


  •  Men's Ministry - Building up men in every aspect to make sure they become strong leaders to both society and to the work that God has called them to do. 


  • Community Service - Part of being a good neighbor is not only appearing to be one, but doing all that you can to make sure the community is provided for in many different aspects. 


  • Children's Ministry - Not only do we consider our youth to be the future , but they are and will always be an active part of our worship in experience.


  • Family Ministries - We all belong to a family, whether its a church family, or a work family , or God's family. 


  • Youth Ministries - Youth Ministries provides support and encouragement for young adults at what can the most critical part of their Christian experience.


  • Health Ministries - Health Ministries is not just about assisting those who are sick or unhealthy but making sure that those who are healthy understand how to prevent themselves from becoming sick. Our bodies are a temple and we should treat it as such. 


  • Pathfinder Club - Pathfinder Club is part of worldwide co-ed organization sponsored by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Juniors , Teens, Adults. Religion or Non-Religion. Young & Old are all welcome and encouraged to join this ministry

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